Judging Courses

Waterski Queensland welcomes all water skiers of every level and promotes a family friendly inclusive atmosphere. We also have other opportunities to join in if an individual does not want to compete. Parents with children competing often decide to help judge rather than sit on the bank for the day. In saying that, we have many mums and dads competing with and against their children. 

There are many pathways to become part of our community other than competing. From learning to judge the three different disciplines to boat driving, setting up judging technology, to running a BBQ.

Waterski Queensland offers free judging courses, scoring courses and support along the way. Judging is a way to get up close with all the action. There are three different levels of judging.

Level 3 – enables you to judge at a local tournaments

Level 2 – enables you to judge at State and National tournaments

Level 1 – enables you to judge an International tournaments

Judging is a fun and rewarding way to be part of the tournament water ski community, meet like-minded people and travel around Australia and the world.