About WSQ

Waterski QLD: The Governing Body for Tournament Water Skiing

Waterski Queensland is the governing body for tournament water skiing in Queensland, Australia. We run events for everyone, from beginners to professional skiers. The three disciplines that make up tournament water skiing are slalom, trick and jump.

Our family-friendly community of skiers spans all ages and abilities. Our events are designed to make spending time with friends and family on the water as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

Australia has become the home of many water skiing champions over the years. It has produced home-grown talents competing against international skiers in different parts of the world. Despite being a challenging sport to many, water skiing continues to grow its popularity amongst the locals, particularly here in Queensland where talented skiers come to train.

Queensland is truly every water sports enthusiast’s paradise and training ground. It is considered by many as the top destination for competitive skiing and training because of its ideal weather and several freshwater alternatives that any water sports aficionado will rave about.

Waterski Queensland conduct, promote and administer the growing sport of Tournament Water Skiing all throughout Queensland. We have successfully expanded our reach across the state and have been organising tournaments in North, South and Central Queensland, with over 50 skiers at each event. Currently, we have 400 members who have found their passion for water skiing because of the coaching philosophies we share with them.

Our goal is to encourage the culture of sportsmanship while enabling members to achieve a high level of physical and mental fitness through our programs and competitions. We facilitate and design these events for everyone, starting from beginner to professional skiers—so that families and friends may spend their weekends enjoying Queensland’s growing sport together.