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Queensland is split into three regions. These are Northern, Central and Southern regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the answers to some popular questions below. If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Is water skiing a growing sport in Queensland?

Yes. During the Nationals event, Queensland had the largest team, with more than 90 skiers all qualified in the National rating!

How do water skiing lessons work?

Everyone learns at a different pace. At Waterski Queensland, we provide you with customised training programs so you can learn water skiing easily. When you’re ready, the first step is the deep-water start. Don’t try to pull yourself up right away. Be patient and let the boat do its work. Your next challenge is learning to control your skis while crossing the wakes.

What are the things I need to consider when buying skis?

The biggest thing to consider is what type of water skiing you’re interested in—slalom, trick or jump. The length, material, flex, edges and fins will all have an effect on how the skis handle. Ensure your bindings are comfortable and suited to your foot size.

I am still a beginner. Can I still join a tournament?

Division 6 is dedicated to beginners. This allows everyone a chance to build their confidence and learn about water skiing in a friendly and fun environment.

What makes Queensland the perfect training environment?

Queensland has the best weather all year round to train and compete. In fact, we have a very active tournament scene in three different regions – North, Central and South Queensland.