Northern Region

The Northern Region Committee treats their members like family. The tournaments and training sessions we organise have been very successful, helping us expand the popularity of the sport here in North Queensland.

Our region spans from around Ayr right up north to Cairns. We have four main clubs within the region that all offer memberships and loads of help to get you into competition/tournament water skiing. They all also hold a number of official events over the season so you can have a crack on the proving grounds of a tournament by getting in touch with any of these clubs. One of the big advantages of being into water skiing up here is our year round warm climate. There are loads of us in the game that ski right through winter just because we can. Most people barely need a heater top. If you’ve moved up north or are just passing through, get in touch with one of our clubs and we can get you on the water.

Water Ski Clubs

Lower Burdekin Water Ski Club is located in Ayr. They have a private tournament-ready site including slalom course and jump ramp. They also have excellent camping facilities. You will need your own ski boat to ski here or meet up with one of the current members to give it a try. Click here to visit the Lower Burdekin Ski Club Facebook page.

Townsville Water Ski Club operates on the Ross River in Townsville. They have a club boat and hold Come and Try days each season for anyone to give it a go. They also hold the largest event of the season, The Croc Run, which has cash prizes on offer. They have a friendly crew ready to help anyone learn a bit more about this sport and organise themselves some time on the water. Click here to visit the Townsville Water Ski Club Facebook page.

Barron River Water Ski Club operates in the Cairns Region. It’s located up on the tablelands on beautiful Lake Tinaroo. This is on a public lake, however, the club operates in a quiet little cove on the Tolga side of the lake. They have a small club campground with facilities to camp. They have a slalom course and jump ramp on the lake to train on, or to have a try for your first time if you like. Click here to visit the Barron River Water Ski Club Facebook page.

Ski North Babinda is just south of Cairns in the small town of Babinda. It is a private site with a slalom course and camping facilities. They have a club boat and all the skiing on this site is done with that boat, so it’s one of the easiest spots to get going in this sport if you have no intentions of owning your own boat. Come and Try is available and memberships are also available. Click here to visit the Ski North Babinda Facebook page.

Come to North Queensland for water skiing. It’s made for it up here.

How to Enter a Tournament

Keep an eye on our socials and/or subscribe to our mailing list to be advised of any upcoming tournaments. Details will be sent out approximately two weeks prior to the tournament, including the location, food, facilities and any accommodation options (when relevant). It will also include a link to a Trybooking event for purchasing tickets.

Purchase your tickets in Trybooking for each event you would like to participate in (slalom, trick or jump).

Typically, further details will be provided just before the event, including the running order for skiers and the start time.

Expect a skier briefing on the first day of the event. During the briefing, the Tournament Director will provide a thorough walkthrough of the weekend. Any specific information for the ski site and any other health and safety information you need to know will be provided.

If you have any questions over the weekend you can ask the Tournament Director or a member of the Waterski QLD team.