NSW V QLD - Water Skiing Tournament Organisers in QLD

In October this year, WaterskiQLD took on Tournament Waterski NSW in a fierce #Likeathon. For two weeks we battled it out to see who could get the most Facebook likes.

We asked our skiers to share our posts with work colleagues, friends, family, and fellow skiers to help us to victory. We also made ‘vote QLD’ posters that could be put up around schools, offices, or even your local Woolies!


Queensland won and so, true to their word NSW changed their profile pictures to maroon for one week!!

QLD and NSW created the #Likeathon to help reach as many potential new skiers as possible on social media and help grow our sport across Australia. If you, or someone you know, is interested in getting involved with tournament skiing get in touch!

Water Skiing Tournament Organisers in Queensland | Waterski Queensland Inc