Division 6 – the beginners division

If you have water skied on the river or dam, but it is your first time in a tournament you will be entered into division 6. All the rules will be explained to you on the day but if you want to find out more click here.

Trick skiing

Need help with your trick run? Click here to download the points scores for each trick.

Qualifying scores

The majority of our regional tournaments do not have an entry criteria, we love to encourage new skiers, so any one can enter.

There are a few tournaments throughout the year which you have to be selected for, or get a qualifying score in previous tournaments in order to enter. Any questions regarding qualifying scores please get in touch.

In our tournaments, skiers compete in divisions. Every skier starts in division 6 for slalom and division 5 for trick and jump. To see the qualifying scores for each division click here.


For nationals you have to qualify in each event. Click here for qualifying scores.

State Titles

For State Titles you have to qualify in each event. We use the third event rating from the Nationals qualifying scores in all divisions, apart from division one. In division one you have to get the full nationals qualifying score.

For more information and the full WSQ rules click here.

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